This is the official biography of the illustrator, designer and part time nihilist living in Johannesburg known to most as Elio, and to others as Elio Moavero; Master Of Time And Space. 
The official biography starts as follows; Elio Moavero (son of a hammock maker) has been alive since he was born and has been drawing since around the same time. 
He will continue to draw until the day he dies. Or until he finds something better to do. Perhaps cricket.
He’s been fired from every job he’s ever had except being a freelancer. But he’s sure his days are numbered.

Here is a list of his positive qualities:

  • He is very passionate about a lot of things
  • He is a fast worker and has never in his whole goddamn career missed a deadline or asked for a postponement (except that one time)
  • Has a degree in Visual Communication from The Open Window
  • Avid hater of Mumford and Sons.

Here is a list of his Negative qualities:

  • He cares too much about his hair
  • He hasn't watched Reservoir Dogs
  • Maybe too obsessed with the past
  • Prone to existential crisis that often lead to him writing his own bio in the third person

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read the official bio of Elio Moavero. I hope you feel a little closer to him now.

Selected clients

NBC Universal | McDonald’s | Telkom | OUTsurance | Puma | Cadbury | Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream | Bleacher Report | Harmonic Games | Hasbro | Park Acoustics | Uncle Mothers | Texx and the City | Limited Edish | Granadilla Swim